Top 5 Karaoke Machines

I already did the buying, testing, and research for you - if you don't feel like reading through my karaoke machine reviews, here are my personal top 5 karaoke machines to buy:

ion audio block party live

ION Audio Block Party Live Review

ION Audio's Block Part Live karaoke setup / PA system is one of the most premium units out there. It has everything you need to go pro with your karaoke, and more. And then still more. The Block Party Live can power huge venues with it's superior audio and will take any serious karaoke singer to the next level.

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singing machine sml-283p

Singing Machine SML-283P Review

The Singing Machine SML-283P might as well be the gold standard for truly portable karaoke machines. It's not necessarily a top of the line karaoke setup, but Singing Machine set out to make a fantastically reliable portable karaoke player and they did just that.

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singing machine sml 385

Singing Machine SML-385 Review

Singing Machine's model SML-385 karaoke machine does everything well. It's compact and fairly portable, comes with integrated speakers and built in disco lights, and features bluetooth connectivity so you can always listen to your favorite tunes. Great for families and kids alike, you won't want to stop singing anytime soon with this karaoke machine around.

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electrohome eakar300

Electrohome EAKAR300 Review

Reliable, portable, and durable - the Electrohome EAKAR300 is the perfect option for karaoke-loving families, home karaoke enthusiasts, and anyone else who loves singing. This is a great home karaoke unit with a robust set of features, controls, and inputs.

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vocopro jamcube 2

VocoPro JamCube 2 Review

The VocoPro JamCube 2 is an all-in-one solution to your karaoke and general audio needs. This heavy-duty PA system is perfect for bars, weddings, conventions, and of course for home karaoke setups too. The JamCube 2 is compact, full of awesome features, and ready to take your karaoke to the next level!

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