Kids Karaoke Machines

A kid’s karaoke machine is the perfect gift for any kid out there. Kids just seem to love singing, for whatever reason. Even better, most karaoke machines let kids sing along with songs from their favorite shows, movies, and performers. I’ve personally watched my niece sing along with the Frozen soundtrack for two hours straight, without interruption. If you have kids, you know how hard it can be to keep them entertained for 10 minutes let alone two hours. That right there is all the reason most people need to invest in an affordable kid’s karaoke machine!

Kid’s karaoke machines are usually all-in-one machines. This means you don’t really have to buy any extras or accessories in order for the unit to work. They come with screens, microphones, and controllers attached or built in to the karaoke machine, so you can hand it right off to your kid and watch him/her start singing immediately.

It’s also worth noting that a lot of these kid’s karaoke machines aren’t always the most durable setups you can find. They’re usually made with plastic parts instead of metal parts, and the screens, microphones, software, and controls are never going to be top of the line. That’s honestly for the better in many cases, because you probably don’t want to trust your kid with handling an expensive machine in the first place. The price range for these karaoke machines matches the quality, too – these are definitely the most affordable karaoke machines out there. If you’ve already read information on the best karaoke machine reviews, and decided you need one for the kids – check these out:

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hello kitty karaoke

Hello Kitty Karaoke Review

When it comes to kids' karaoke machines, there's no beating the Hello Kitty Karaoke machine in terms of kid-friendly looks, construction, and features. While the pink hello kitty theme may appeal more to younger girls rather than boys, the karaoke machine itself is a solid piece of hardware that's a great gift for kids.

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singing machine sml-283p

Singing Machine SML-283P Review

The Singing Machine SML-283P might as well be the gold standard for truly portable karaoke machines. It's not necessarily a top of the line karaoke setup, but Singing Machine set out to make a fantastically reliable portable karaoke player and they did just that.

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singing machine sml 385

Singing Machine SML-385 Review

Singing Machine's model SML-385 karaoke machine does everything well. It's compact and fairly portable, comes with integrated speakers and built in disco lights, and features bluetooth connectivity so you can always listen to your favorite tunes. Great for families and kids alike, you won't want to stop singing anytime soon with this karaoke machine around.

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singtrix sgtx1

Singtrix SGTX1 Review

The Singtrix SGTX1 might just be one of the most "famous" karaoke systems out there, with its Shark Tank appearance and multiple celebrity endorsements. I'm happy to say this awesome machine really lives up to its reputation - this is one of the best karaoke systems I've had the pleasure of trying out!

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What To Consider When Buying Kids Karaoke Machines

Most kid’s karaoke machines are fairly similar in terms of quality, cost, and entertainment. But, there are still a few key qualities you should keep in mind when shopping around:


You want to make sure the karaoke machine is kid-friendly and easy to use. Kids tend to have shorter attention spans and will quickly lose interest in a karaoke machine that’s too complicated for them to figure out. Your best bet is looking for a machine that’s completely self-integrated and allows your kid to quickly and easily select a song to sing along with. The more controls, options, and accessories involved, the more likely a child can get confused or frustrated while playing with the karaoke machine.


It’s true that kids karaoke machines tend to be more cheaply made than home or professional karaoke setups, but that doesn’t mean you have to buy a cheap piece of crap for your kid. There are plenty of kids models out there that will last for years without issue. In general, karaoke machines with fewer moving parts and accessories will break less often. That’s why, again, you probably want to look for an all-in-one karaoke machine that feels sturdy to the touch. Kids can be rough with their possessions, so anything that looks flimsy to you will probably break quickly when kids are throwing it around.

Audio format

You have to be aware of how the karaoke machine deals with songs. Many kids karaoke machines will come pre-loaded with a few hundred songs, but they might not have USB slots or CD drives that you can use to expand the audio catalogue. These are fine for some kids, but if yours is a prolific singer you’ll probably want to invest in a machine that allows you to add more songs as needed.

Size and portability

Whatever karaoke machine you pick, it should be easy for kids to pack it up and carry it around. Most kid’s units are inherently light and portable, but there are plenty out there that will end up being too difficult for your kid to lug around. Kids love showing stuff off to their friends, so it’s best to invest in a karaoke machine that’s easy to show off. For example, lots of units come equipped with a built-in handle that’s perfect for easy portability.