The Most Important Electric Guitar Accessories

The Most Important Electric Guitar Accessories


An electric guitar is the most important tool in any performer’s arsenal, but you can’t use it alone. A guitar needs several accessories to perform to its full potential, and picking the right set of accessories can be just as important as picking out the guitar. Some of them serve a musical function in their own right, such as amplifiers, and will have a huge impact on the way that the guitar sounds when it is played. Others, such as straps, are used for the musician’s benefit, and allow them to perform to the very highest level that their skills will allow.


The amplifier is the most important accessory for any electric guitar. There are a few different types to choose from, including tubes, solid state amps, and even digital models. Similarly, there are many different power levels out there, and all of them are suitable for different uses. It’s important to know your needs when you pick out an amp, and to choose one that fits your goals. Since all amps offer different sounds, it’s also important to bring your guitar with you when you go shopping for a new one, so that you can try them out and hear the difference between the choices.


Guitar straps may not seem important, but people who have tried to play one for an extended period without any straps know better. They make the guitar much more comfortable to carry, and they also make it easier to get a good grip on it. Straps also serve as an insurance policy against accidentally dropping the guitar, which can cause significant and expensive damage. The precise type of strap is usually irrelevant, as long as you choose one that is sized appropriately for you and y our instrument.


There are not very many musicians that enjoy tuning their instruments, but they all know how important it is. Some people can tune an electric guitar by ear, but other people, especially novices, can benefit from some mechanical assistance. A tuner will pick up the sound that the guitar makes and tell you how to adjust the strings in order to get it into tune. In addition to helping you get your guitar into good shape, the immediate feedback that a tuner offers will help you learn how a guitar should sound when it is in tune so that you can learn to do the tuning by ear in the future.


A metronome is the oldest tool on this list, and it’s something that every musician should have, regardless of their instrument. They give off sounds at a steady rate, so musicians can use them to make sure that they are playing at the right tempo. This is vital for a good practice session, since it’s very easy to start playing too fast or too slow, but very hard to notice the change without an external reference of some kind. Dedicated metronomes are usually the best and most accurate option, but smart phone apps are also available for people who don’t want to bother with a special piece of equipment.


Capos are tools for more advanced players. They attach tot he next of the guitar to change the pitch of the open strings. Some guitars will need them to play certain songs, while in other cases they are simply a convenience. In some cases, they aren’t even necessary. Every guitar player should have one or two in their collection in case they need them, but they aren’t the kind of accessory that gets used every day.

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