Five Interesting Facts About Electric Guitars

Five Interesting Facts About Electric Guitars


Electric guitars can be quirky, interesting, and simply fun to play and own. There are so many different styles and ways of playing music on them that these instruments really offer something for everyone. Besides the entertainment and enjoyment factors, there are definite health and well-being aspects to playing an instrument. It sharpens the mind, reduces stress, and boosts personal concentration levels, to name a few most relevant to the electric guitar.

If this is not convincing enough reason to look further into electric guitars, here are five interesting and informative facts to start any curious person on their way.

Electric Guitars Changed the Music World

First made around the 1930s, they changed the music world in a dynamic fashion. Providing new sounds and enabling new ways of playing music, electric guitars created new genres of music and new takes on the older styles. This jumped in popularity and continues to dominate the music world of today in styles such as jazz, blues, rock, country and the list goes on and on. Now, the electric guitar is almost always an integral instrument in every popular band.

The Design is Highly Important

To many musicians, the looks of the instrument are a key part of their personal preferences. It becomes part of the performer’s onstage signature. Some people, among them Eddie Van Halen, have actually personalized their guitars themselves.

They Can Be Very Expensive

The highest-ever price for an electric guitar was $959,500. This was at an auction for Eric Clapton’s Fender Stratocaster in 2004. Before that, the record belonged to a custom-made model for the band ‘Grateful Dead’s member Jerry Garcia. That one sold for $957,500 in 2002. That is a lot of lessons!

Some Guitar Strings Can Circle the World

The Fender Musical Instruments Corporation reportedly makes about 90,000 guitar strings a day. These are all for electric guitars and members of the guitar family. The amount of string comes out to be about 20,000 miles each year–enough to measure the equator of the globe.

Electric Guitarists are Their Own Clan

They are a unique group of people, spanning all sorts of ages, music type, styles and genres, and all sorts of lifestyles. The typical stereotypes don’t hold here; each electric guitarist is very different from the rest. Many times, once a person enters this quirky group, they stay for a long, long time. After all, once a guitarist, always a guitarist, for ever and ever.

In Conclusion

There are many, many other facts about this unique instrument, from the way they are made, their famous players, unique instruments, historical and personal facts about them, and much more.

But apart from all these facts and dates and technical details, there are so many more benefits, from pursuing a new interest, to learning new skills, and to perhaps discovering a dormant passion. All this trivia is meant to hopefully start people down the path of discovering this much more meaningful and beneficial part of the electric guitar and its community.

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