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Few people are born ready and willingly to embarrass themselves by belting out some lyrics in front of their peers. Most of the time, you have to learn to love karaoke – maybe you truly enjoy singing, but are nervous when it comes to live audiences! I was nervous as heck when I first started […]
Shopping for kids can be hard in this day and age. They’re all constantly glued to their smartphones from a young age, so it’s not always easy to tell what your son, daughter, niece, nephew, or grand kid might be interested in. Here are 5 reasons karaoke machines are actually the perfect gifts for kids: […]
Over the years, I’ve managed to get karaoke parties down to a science. One of my favorite pastimes in the world is to get some family members over to my place and take turns making fools out of ourselves while singing our hearts out. Here’s what you’ll need to have a great time singing with […]